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Visit Canada

(Visitor Visa, Super Visa)

Canada is among the few countries that issue a 5-year temporary resident visa for eligible applicants.

This means that if you are granted avisitor visa, you can travel to Canada as long as your passport is valid for up to 5 years, and you can stay in Canada for up to 6 months per visit.

It is important to note that a tourist visa does not generally permit the holder to study or work in Canada but in certain cases you can request for a Study/ Work Permit from inside Canada.

If you would like to apply for a Canadian Visitor Visa, please complete the assessment form and consult with us.

Study in Canada

(Study Permit)

Canada has one of the most advanced education systems in the world. Academic credentials of Canadian educational institutions, quality of education, part-time work permit during school time, and qualifying for the post education immigration streams and many other benefits Makes studying in Canada a great option for your immigration. According to the latest ranking of universities worldwide, published each year by the prestigious Times Magazine, more than 5 Canadian universities can be found among the top five universities in the world, which affirms the up-to-date education system that meets the highest global standards and it is the reason for many applicants from all over the world to choose to study in Canada.
In order to assess your eligibility for any of these programs fill our assessment form and consult with our professional team.

Work in Canada

(Work Permit)

One of the popular streams of temporary residence in Canada is through working. The applicant usually needs to have a job offer in Canada before applying for a work permit.
Applying for a job or getting a job offer is very difficult and has many legal implications, and applicants usually cannot obtain the necessary permits and apply for a work visa without the help of an expert as an immigration consultant.
Having a job offer and obtaining a work permit can be a privilege for the applicant and in many immigration processes. For instance, in Express Entry, one of the most popular Immigration streams, having a job offer can give you an additional 50 points, which in many cases makes a huge difference.
In other immigration streams, a person who resides in Canada with a work permit can be eligible to apply for Permanent Residence through Canadian Experience Class, or other Federal or Provincial Immigration Streams. In order to assess your eligibility for any of this program fill our assessment form and consult with our professional team.

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Business in Canada

(Start-up, Owner-Operator, Entrepreneur)

Canada is a great destination for business people and there are numerous lucrative opportunities for entrepreneurs to come and start or expand their business here and gain Permanent residence for themselves and their families.  Canada welcomes Business people with new and creative ideas from around the world through different programs such as start-up visa, owner-operator, and different provincial nominee programs. In most cases the applicant needs to show previous business experience and proof of owning a business or executive management experience. In order to assess your eligibility for any of these programs fill our assessment form and consult with our professional team.

Join Family in Canada

(Spousal Sponsorship, Family Sponsorship)

Reuniting families is one of the main goals of Canadian immigration system. Canadians can sponsor their Spouse and dependent children and their Parents and grandparents to come and live in Canada. To be eligible to sponsor, the applicant needs to be a permanent resident or a citizen of Canada, 18 years or older and be able to support them in Canada. In order to assess your eligibility for this program fill our assessment form and consult with our professional team.

Express Entry


Express Entry is the selection system that Canada uses in Federal and Provincial economic immigration streams. The three Streams of Federal Skilled Worker, Federal Skilled Trade and Canadian Experience Class and many PNPs use the Express Entry pool of candidates in order to choose and invite applicants for immigration to Canada. In order to assess your eligibility for any of these programs fill our assessment form and consult with our professional team.

Provincial Nominee Program

Canada has 10 provinces and 3 territories. Canadian Immigration system is in two levels. The Federal and Provincial. Provincial nominee programs are designed and developed based on the needs and shortage of work force in different provinces. In order to assess your eligibility for any of these programs fill our assessment form and consult with our professional team.

Renew your PR card

If your Permanent Resident Card is getting expired or it is already expired, you need to get a new PR card or you cannot come back if you leave Canada. Before planning for any trip outside Canada you need to make sure of the validity of your PR card first, and if needed apply for a renewal. We can help you with this process.

Apply for Citizenship

(Citizenship and Canadian Passport)

The most enjoyable time in the life of any immigrant to Canada is to be eligible to apply for citizenship. But the process can sometimes be stressful if you are not familiar with the application. Let us help you with your citizenship application and just enjoy this memorable time of becoming a proud Canadian.

Educational Credential Assessment (WES)

ECA stands for Educational Credential Assessment and is the process of evaluation of non Canadian Credentials and is an essential step for many immigration pathways. at Shaya Immigration services, we can help you do the evaluation so when you decide to apply for any program you have your WES assessment ready. Keep in mind that WES result is valid for 5 years and it takes a couple of months to review and evaluate your credential and produce the result. So you can apply to do your WES assessment as soon as possible.


Application Notes, Application Documents

If you have a previous application with Canada Immigration such as a visitor visa, study permit,... either approved or refused and you want to apply for any other immigration programs, it is recommended to get ATIP. ATIP is the documents and/or the officer's note on your application and it is your immigration background. It is especially important when you haven't applied for your visa and a travel agency for example have applied on your behalf. If you have an agreement with us this is a part of our package for you, but even if you don't have an agreement with us yet you can acquire our services in obtaining and reviewing your ATIP.

Settlement Services

At Shaya Immigration Services we strive to make your immigration an enjoyable experience. Our settlement department is designed to make your transition as smooth as possible. Our settlement package covers airport pick-up, temporary accommodation, Opening Bank account, applying for SIN no. and helping you the first days of your arrival. To learn more and arrange for your required service contact us.

-Please check our FAQ page to find the answer to your questions related different immigration programs. If you didn't find the answer to your question, please write us your question in the Contact us page.

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